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Attention!!! FE A & C Core Concepts notes are now ready for collection at our Core Centre! Students of FE Core Concepts course should already have received an email from Phei about what they should do between now and the first lesson on 22 April.

Our Core Office is open every evening from Monday-Friday 7pm-10pm. Please feel free to call us on 91676519 or email us at pass@corexams.com outside of our opening hours.

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Core Final Exam – Jun 2014
Core FE Package (total 69 hours)
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Core QP Mod A & C Video Class by Phei Koid – Jun 2014

Core QPA & C Video Class - Hurry, not many seats left!

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Core QP Module D - Jun 2014

Core FE students can add QPD Concepts Course for only HK$1500!!!

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